Ladies Bible Study

Shpresa has started a village wide Ladies Night for every Wednesday evening. Since I knew we would be here in Albania this week, I asked Shpresa if I could share a lesson with the ladies.  I used the text of I Peter chapter 1 to tell the women that God had chosen them to inherit His offer of salvation and blessings which includes the living hope that we have through Jesus Christ.  Just as I was beginning the lesson, the lights went out.  This isn’t something completely foreign in a village of Albania.  It was just that I mentally hadn’t prepared for this situation and what my plan would be.  A quick prayer of “help” was said and the evening progressed by the flickering light of the candles.  The message of salvation never goes unchallenged in a world filled with darkness.  The message couldn’t have been more clearly presented that evening, and with or without electricity, the Spirit will use that message to reach the chosen.

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