It was a village visit day

Mandi and Xhina go to Darshen on Tuesdays. (FYI–a mountain village about an hours drive east of Tirana) Mandi took some great pictures of their home visit. The pictures speak for themselves. These girls do most of the work for the family since their Dad passed away 3 years ago. They are about 19 years old. In the picture of Migena washing clothes notice the pile of sticks behind her. They will be used to warm the pot for her hot water wash cycle. Mandi’s wife, Xhina, is the one with the jacket wrapped around her waist. Don’t you just love the picture of the men playing dominos? Notice their glasses are empty.(for now) By the way, the picture was not taken after working hours….try 11:00 a.m. The picture of the black pot is just what you think it is. They are making the Albanian adult beverage called raki (rocky). This village is so authentic. The stone house is how they lived many years ago. Not too many things have changed in this village the last hundred years.

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  1. Seeing the unautomated version of washing clothes makes me eternally grateful that, even in Africa, we were able to purchase an automotic one….Great to see the photos and read up on all your news! Love to you both 🙂

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