Flag Day

There’s two things a successful photographer should never do: try to duplicate Iwo Jima and have your subjects turn their backs to the camera. I think in this case we’ll be given latitude for both.I’m helping raise the flag for the Darshen school. This flag is representative of the relationship between the school and America. It is a gift from Jake who lives in Texas, and as the saying goes, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” At the school they call him Big Jake, which I think is appropriate because of the big-ness of his heart. The flag originally was to be hung on a standard within the school but because of its size, it now uniquely adorns the south wall of the upper hallway. Every visitor and every student can’t miss it. Many thanks to Jake and Renee` for the tangible representation of this relationship. P.S. The school principal requested an American flag during Jake’s last visit. It was my privilege to deliver it. And, by the way, it did not fly over the Alamo.

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