Tiranafest in Albania

There have been months of preparation for the Louis Palau crusade that is on September 22 and 23.  The church is excited in how the future of their country can be impacted through this event.  Many activities are being scheduled for the political leaders to be a part of hearing the testimony of Luis Palau and the story of redemption in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for Albania during this time and for a country-wide moving of God’s spirit.  Please pray for Genti and Shpresa as they lead the churches in making this crusade a powerful impact for years to come.  (for additional information for this event )


(photo taken this summer during a kick-off rally)

One thought on “Tiranafest in Albania”

  1. How wonderful! So excited with what is happening now in Albania. Jake and I continue to pray for you all. Blessings are beginning to flow.

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