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Not always does modern technology smile friendly on “the older techie”s of this world.  In fact, we were held hostage by the internet earlier during our stay in Albania.  But thankfully, after much effort and attempts, we have been able to access the “outer world” and even to have a business conference call yesterday. We are making plans for hosting an event which will be over Valentine’s weekend for Albanian pastors.  We are very excited and are looking forward to stepping out of our usual role.  The photo shows David, Genti and Shpresa talking to Len and Lynne Benson along with David Lind, the pastor of Calvary Bible Church of Rutland, VT.

Busy Days

It’s been a busy time for us these past two weeks. David was in Albania with Joe Bachman for the first week of February buying cows for the heifer project for the explosion affected farmers in the village of Gerdec. There will be some pictures of this in the near future. It has been our treat to have Arjan as our guest. This is his first visit to the States. He has been on a whirlwind trip to FL with us in the past 9 days where we were attending a missions conference. Here are some pictures of our work to present our “Albanian home” for the village day at the conference. It was a great day and we lost count of all of the Turkish coffee that Arjan made for our visitors….way over 100 cups!! Shpresa spent most of her time greeting visitors and also demonstrating Albanian folk dancing.

Women’s Meeting

It was a great time getting to share with several of the ladies in the village who recently have accepted Christ. Just to understand and to learn what struggles they are dealing with in their “new life” is so special. They commented that the peace and joy they have experienced in their walk is something they never have had before. I think we could have talked all day if we had the time. The picture doesn’t include Noci who left early to take care of her little boy who was at home.

Albania at its Finest

There is seldom a visitor that comes to Albania that doesn’t say home visits are the highlight. We just got back to our computer after two days in the village where we were visiting everyone again. We just want to share with you some photos of our hosts. David sure seems to have a way with the “elder” group in the village. The baby, Pamela, was just born in August and was considered to be in danger and was delivered early. She looks and acts very healthy now. Djusha who is in the picture with both of us has just accepted Christ. She has been attending our girls’ training center classes. There is more to tell of this story in a later blog post. The rain showers have followed us everywhere since we came. Thankfully, it isn’t a bone chillin’ rain. In fact, the air is more balmy than not.