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Busy Days

It’s been a busy time for us these past two weeks. David was in Albania with Joe Bachman for the first week of February buying cows for the heifer project for the explosion affected farmers in the village of Gerdec. There will be some pictures of this in the near future. It has been our treat to have Arjan as our guest. This is his first visit to the States. He has been on a whirlwind trip to FL with us in the past 9 days where we were attending a missions conference. Here are some pictures of our work to present our “Albanian home” for the village day at the conference. It was a great day and we lost count of all of the Turkish coffee that Arjan made for our visitors….way over 100 cups!! Shpresa spent most of her time greeting visitors and also demonstrating Albanian folk dancing.

Notes of Interest

Saturday morning during our children’s meeting, this little guy, Kevi, came with his homemade bow. Arjan, the leader of Vlashi village, is so great with these little ones. He has been working with Planters for 10 years. This is such a blessing! We were able to visit Vera in her shop last evening. She loves to have people stop in and just chat with her. She is doing great but like so many of the rest of us would enjoy having business a little bit more healthy. Her shop carries a wide array of merchandise but her main focus is to carry American made products. (don’t we all wish that to be the case when we are shopping) Getting the merchandise into her shop is one of her biggest challenges.