Welcome to Planters’ Staff

Not new to many of you , and certainly not new to us, Planters is excited to announce that Nathan and Cydil Waggoner have joined our staff.  Their current role is raising their support in order to live full-time in Albania.  As soon as they reach their financial goal, they will be headed to Albania to learn the language and to serve as church planters in the village of Vlashi.  Pease join us in praying for God’s timing for their departure and for provision of their needs.

One thought on “Welcome to Planters’ Staff”

  1. So happy to find a connection with you and your parents! Your Grandmother Alverne was my college roommate and you look so much like her!! So thrilled to see th work you are doing and know she would be very proud of you. I hope to contact your Dad also. I started out looking up info your Grandpa “Van” and assume h has passed on. Blessings to you and your family!

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