Hospitality and Housekeeping

It goes without saying, “Albania is the land of hospitality.” So it would be fitting to start off the week’s work with some good tea and cookies with our great sister in Christ and best neighbor of all, Vera. No one leaves Vera’s apartment without having to eat something and so this picture of Vera is not an exception…it is the rule. Then, this afternoon another opportunity came to entertain Genti and Shpresa and heat up the tea pot and crank out a batch of brownies. Of course, this makes catching up on the latest news from the village an absolute pleasure. In tomorrow’s blog I’ll share with you some of this news.In between tea and cookies, I managed to get in some housekeeping duties. We started a project on our first floor ministry center last November. We decided to make our office area more efficient and condense our 3 room office into a 2 room office. With the extra room that we now have available, we are making another guest suite for visitors to use. This area has a bedroom with a king bed, a bathroom, a sitting room with table and chairs, pull out sofa and a mini-sized kitchen for quickie meals. My job was to get the floors clean, things put away, hang the curtains, put the furniture in order and to put down the rugs. There is nothing better than the satisfaction of seeing chaos turn into an orderly living space.

2 thoughts on “Hospitality and Housekeeping”

  1. What generous hosts you have had today…

    Glad to hear all is well.

    Give Vera a hug from Tua.

    We look forward to hearing of the village news tomorrow.

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