Takin’ Care of Business

Managing is a nececessity for all businesses and unfortunately there is no difference for Planters in Albania.  Sarah’s summer trip focused mainly to set up details for two upcoming fall and winter teams.  But thankfully there was more that happened than just business.  Genti planned a baptismal service which is always a highlight.  Witnessiing youth placing their faith in a lifetime commitment to God makes our hearts dance with joy.  Seeing God working in these young lives encourages us to continue and to be so thankful for what God is doing in this post-Communist land.


Sarah joining with the Albanian staff, Arjan, Mandi, Sarah, Shpresa and Genti


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  1. I may have left message on wrong site! Thought it was on Cydil”s but may have been on David’s! I want to contact David as well as I loved your Mom very much and watched you boys grow up! Pleas contact me, David if you receive this message. Blessings to all of you!

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