By now, most of you have had or will have your big Thanksgiving meal for 2009. Since Albania is several hours ahead of you we have had our quiet Thanksgiving meal in the shadow of highrises on a dark, Tirana night. You probably will be within view of little Pilgrim statues holding their iconic basket of gifts from the fall harvest. The closest proximity to us are candles that we hope we don’t have to light because of black out. Notice our ‘turkey’. It’s a chicken that rests squarely in a tin foil pan, a Kentucky casserole, and dressing made by our African guest are the only three semblences of a traditional feast. I might add there are very few festive moods to our Muslim background, no football games, no parades, no leftovers on Thursday night. Our only revel is in the fact that with little chickens there’s little over eating. From all of us to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving and be mindful of how good the Lord has been to us.Tiana, David, and CydilP.S. It’s easy to clean up when you eat the carry-out chicken directly from the pan.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Uncle David, at least you didn't have to be tempted by as many Thanksgiving goodies with your simple meal! Thanks for keeping us updated and we'll be praying for you.

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