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Hole in the wall…

[hr]It has been on the list for a long time to make some better accommodations on the second floor of our Tirana guest apartment.  Now with Cydil and Nathan making plans to live there we have decided to get some work done.  Today we had the floor cut out to make way for a spiral stairway to go back and forth from the second to the first floor.  Also, we cut out a doorway to make the kitchen accessible from the living room.  When it is all completed it will make hosting guests much easier.  In the photos we didn’t capture the dust that flew when the jack hammer was working.  I’ll just say that the workman was grateful when I handed him a mask to wear.

Visiting Dillon Mennonite

It is always a privilege to share our heart with others about Albania. This past Sunday we were at Dillon Mennonite Church, about 10 miles from our Green Valley home. It was extra special to introduce Cydil and Nathan to our friends and to explain their upcoming role of ministry and partnership with Planters and World Gospel Mission. This, also, was Dillon’s mission’s emphasis day and so there were various times of sharing and fellowship with everyone which we enjoyed very much.

Look at all of the minitries Dillon Church is supporting!  It is great to see their missions heart!

Welcome to Planters’ Staff

Not new to many of you , and certainly not new to us, Planters is excited to announce that Nathan and Cydil Waggoner have joined our staff.  Their current role is raising their support in order to live full-time in Albania.  As soon as they reach their financial goal, they will be headed to Albania to learn the language and to serve as church planters in the village of Vlashi.  Pease join us in praying for God’s timing for their departure and for provision of their needs.

“Cheese” it

Cydil had the opportunity to bring much kaboom, flash and crackle to the village. It reminded everyone of the big explosion. Planters is so thankful to have Cydil’s talent on board for a personal photo shoot for many of the inhabitants of the village. Most dressed up in their finest and we haven’t seen that many teeth in a long time. We’ve got one great picture of model, Mandi, being photographed by Cydil being photographed by Mom. The light explosions were simultaneous and it looked like the fourth of July in the end of November in Vlashaj.