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Jingle Jangles

[hr]Today some of the village ladies will see the fruit of their labors.  The international craft bazaar is going on at the Sheraton Hotel in Tirana.  The jewelry and cards made by the women from Vlashaj are being sold alongside donuts, paintings, and lots of other goodies. An earlier craft sale at the US Embassy netted about $200 and hopes for today are to top that amount.

Thanks to Lynn, Len, and Vera for managing the booth!


It is so much fun to work with the ladies in the village that are making greeting cards to bring in a little more income for their families.  For the past several weeks they were working hard on making Christmas cards.  If anyone is interested in buying any of these cards, just respond to this notice and I will send them to you ASAP.  They sell for $1.50 apiece.


It’s a Beauty Shop!!

I love the smile that comes to my mind when things happen that are unexpected! Djusha’s beauty shop is one of those events. She just opened a week or so ago. Her shop just happens to be in the old house that we got possession of this fall. Our plans were to simply tear the old house down and start making plans for a new community center. This also happens to be where the kindergarten is meeting. It is wonderful that a greater purpose for something that we considered useless can be of service to others that have need. Djusha knows that it is just a temporary location but wanted to use it to get her business established. Djusha learned hair styling from classes in our girls’ training center. We are also thrilled that she has realized her need for a savior. This is what it is all about.