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It’s My Turn Now (to go to Albania)

Right now, I’ve been up for 30 straight hours and so it is probably not recommended that I should being writing a blog entry. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a great way to let everyone know that I arrived safely, back here in Albania. David and Hannah will be joining me in a week. After packing the last couple of days all of the supplies that have been requested, watching the radar screens of all of the bad weather going on in Chicago, and wondering if we would make it without getting stuck somewhere between here and the airport, we decided to leave early Sunday morning and see what would happen. No we didn’t end up in a snow bank on the side of the road but after watching them de-icing the plane I was greatly relieved when we pushed away from the jetway and made our way out to the runways and finally off the ground. We were a bit delayed but I made it just fine to Milan (mind you without any in-service entertainment features working) with 10 minutes to spare before boarding the next flight bound for Tirana. It was good to see all of the bags going around on the carousel, to get them loaded up and out the door, and to see Mandi waiting to take me on in to Tirana. At the moment my head is feeling like it is floating unattached to the rest of my body. If only I can make it just 2 more hours, maybe the jet lag will work itself out and tomorrow I can operate close to a regular scheduled day.