Planters Seed Foundation provides many different styles of short term mission opportunities.

Our philosophy for short term mission teams is:

  • Understand the work of Planters in Albania
  • Experience missions in a cross-cultural setting
  • Provide guests with opportunities to share their faith
  • Expose guests to the uniqueness of Albania
  • For guests to use their life skills to serve the people in Albania.

Mission Opportunities of Service

Planters offers various ways to become involved with our ministry in Albania.  We can work with your church group  or individual skills to share what  extra service is needed for the ongoing ministry growth.  If you have a desire to learn more about these opportunities feel free to contact us through email and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Here are the general areas that are always available for service:

  • Providing staff training skills
  • Children’s programs  (day camp, discipleship classes)
  • Staff encouragement and edification
  • Work projects / painting, plumbing, general construction
  • Women’s Outreach programs
  • Men’s Outreach programs

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